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A world of energy uncertainty where you create the power that your continent needs.

A fun and empowering board game for 1-4 players age 7 and over that takes about 30 minutes.

icon Energy Sources

Will fossil fuels continue to feed our thirst for power? Can nuclear plants solve our energy problems? Or will a balance of renewables be sufficient? You can work together with other continents or pursue your own ambitions for power.

icon Global Consequences

We all need energy but what type to choose? There are wars fought over oil, Chernobyl and Fukushima nuclear power plant accidents, earthquakes induced by geothermal exploration, birds downed by wind turbines, solar and hydro plants taking over the landscape. You choose now.

icon Humanity's Fate

Our species is naturally tribalistic. But we can choose to be altruistic or selfish, thoughtful or instinctive. Geopowr is a wildy addictive board game for friends and families to play out their personal approach to dealing with the growing energy insecurity and try to address one of the world's most pressing problems.

Game Play
Geopowr is an empowering game for 1-4 people age 7+, and takes about 30 minutes to play.
It's designed to be a fun and rewarding game, and the basic gameplay is easy to learn.
The mechanics are mathematically grounded and offer layers of strategy to keep on challenging your mind.

The planet’s population is growing and needs energy.
Build the power your continent needs in order to win.

Shuffle the Energy Tiles and Action Cards, and give each player 3 Tiles as well as Energy Cubes to represent their continent.
Place another Tile face up in the middle of the table to show the energy quadrants. Put the remaining Tiles and Cards face down in piles on the table.

The player to the left of the dealer goes first, and lays one of their Tiles such that at least one of its quadrants connects to another Tile.
At the end of your turn, pick up additional Tiles as needed to again have 3 Tiles in your hand.
The next player then lays a Tile to connect at least 1 quadrant, and picks up another Tile, and so on.

Players score 5 points by creating any pattern in which exactly 5 quadrants of one energy type are connected by sides (not just corners).

Construction Sites
A Construction Site is formed by connecting exactly 5 quadrants of one energy type and is denoted by placing an Energy Cube on one of its quadrants to show that is part of your Continent’s Area.  If the opportunity is skipped because someone placed a Tile such that over 5 quadrants are connected, then the next opportunity to start a Construction Site is when 10 (or another multiple of 5) quadrants of the same energy are connected.

Action Cards
Pick up one of several Action Cards whenever you place a Cube down to form a new Construction Site.
1. Play Two Tiles allows a player to place 2 of their Energy Tiles on the board in one turn. They then pick up 2 new Energy Tiles from the pile after their turn.
2. Take a Tile
allow a player to start their turn by taking one Energy Tile from another player before placing a Tile on the board. They then give the other player a Tile from their hand in return.
3. Move a Site allows a player to move 1 Cube on any Construction Site within their Continent's Area.

Power Plants and Towers
When a new multiple of 5 quadrants is added to a Site, a second Cube is stacked above the first to represent a Power Plant. When another multiple of 5 quadrants is hit a third Cube is added to make a Power Tower. More Cubes are added with each multiple of 5 that is achieved.

End of the Game
The game is over when a player has played all their Cubes or cannot play, take or pick up more Tiles.

The player with the most points wins, these can be earned by:
  • Getting 5 points for each Cube on the board, and
  • Bonus points earned by achieving the objectives on Goal Cards.

In addition to the standard game:

Aim to build 1 Plant with 2 Cubes of each of the energy types for all of the different continents by maximizing efficient matching of quadrants. Hold 3 Energy Tiles and play 1 per turn as usual (but no Action Cards).

We’re designing Expansion Packs for more people to play. More on this later...

We’d really appreciate your feedback on playtesting the Geopowr prototype game, which is in active development, on this google form.


We are scientists, designers and teachers who care about the state of our planet and species. Our game is designed to be riot for families and friends to play. We also hope that people think about and discuss the options for power generation. We feel that a balanced supply of clean energy is needed and will benefit our health, environment and economy.

  • Michael Overduin

    Michael Overduin


  • Marcella Erskine

    Marcella Erksine

    Reality Checker/Director

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    Pancho Eekels


  • Evelyn Eekels

    Evelyn Eekels

    Quality Assurance/Manager

  • Chloe Overduin

    Chloe Overduin

    School/Education Liaison

  • Chloe Overduin

    Paul Overduin

    Consultant Climatologist


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